Garage, which happens to be one of my favorite mags, is now out with their February/March 2009 issue, celebrating young talents. This double-cover special features two of today’s most talented and gorgeous teen stars, Gerald Anderson and Enchong Dee, who I interviewed for the cover stories.

It was my first time to meet the boys (they look young and they ARE young, and they made me feel old) and I had a great time getting to know them. Gerald is your typical attractive Fil-Am. He’s tisoy and gets bulol when it comes to certain Tagalog words, making him even more charming. Enchong, on the other hand, is quite adorable. Here is a down-to-earth and positive achiever who has the right amount of naiveté and wide-eyed wonder. Enchong is definitely the boyfriend you want to introduce to your parents, or the bromantic partner you don’t want to share with anyone.

Read what I wrote about the two heartthrobs. Grab a copy of Garage’s latest issue now!