I quit my day job a couple of weeks ago, after doing it for a year. My transcription job was no sweat. It was pretty challenging during the start, with all the shift changes and hiring and trying to polish the work process, but then I think I got everything figured out after a while and the whole thing became a comfort zone for me. It became boring and repetitive sometimes, but not enough for me to really quit. It was when I got sick however when I seriously thought about taking a break and finding time for other stuff I wanted to do: more writing, getting healthier, spending more time with loved ones, knowing myself more.

Recently, I dropped by the office to say hi to some of the people, and I know I might drop by again sometime soon. I haven’t completely detached myself from the job and the people I used to work with – not that there is a need for me to do that, of course.

I will definitely miss instant messaging people at 4AM, usually just sending links to the juciest gossip online. I’ll also miss having fastfood delivered (and yeah, treating some people sometimes too), going to McDo or Jollibee (where else?) for a breakfast drive-thru, and the numerous refreshing walks to Country Style (for a bagel with cream cheese) and Starbucks. I’ll miss my officemates and the crazy things they do, even if I know they’re just an instant message away: the one I owe a cheesecake, the almost BFF, the one who likes doing eggrolls, the reality TV junkie, the weekend-lover, the sex-obsessed tranny (duh, who could that be?), my fellow Starbucks suki, the demure one, and everyone else, of course.

It was an awesome year with them, and I immensely enjoyed every single day that I went to work. But now I know I have to move on to the next chapter of my career and my life. This chapter will always be special to me because it’s where I found people who believed in my capabilities, entrusted me with responsibilities and challenges they believed I could handle, and made me write a lot of blog entries that are Memories-worthy.