I slept late last night, woke up too early this morning, and then did something strenuous for several hours. Oh, Globe was giving me a hard time with my subscription as well, plus there was no American Idol awhile ago.

Good thing I chanced upon a new snack from the grocery: Goya’s Crispy Chocs Mint. It’s just rice crispies covered in mint, dark chocolate, but it’s enough to satisfy my chocolate craving. It’s cheap too—a pack costs only P10.

While watching Dirt (which I couldn’t focus on and thus failed to appreciate due to a headache), I finished 3 packs of my new favorite snack in 10 minutes. I only have 2 packs left and I’m afraid I’ll finish them up, leaving me nothing for tomorrow. Then again, the mall’s just a couple of minutes away.

What can I say, chocolate solves everything. Mint, dark chocolate to be exact.