I think I am one of the very few Heidi Montag fans out there. It wasn’t love at first sight for me though. I’ve always been a rooter for LC so even when Heidi entered the picture, I was still loyally devoted to LC. When the two BFFs had a falling out, I was naturally on LC’s side. While I saw LC as the sweet, talented, rational and nicey nicey all-American girl, I viewed Heidi as the happy-go-lucky, talentless, shallow party-going type.

During one episode, however, I saw Heidi in a different light. She was suddenly this ambitious, career-driven, focused and strong individual. For example, she quit school because she already knew the industry she wanted to be part of (the PR world and the party scene), and actually went for it. Everyone knows how she is perceived as dumb and bad news simply by being associated with jerk of the year Spencer Pratt, but it’s quite admirable how she fights for him when faced by family and coworkers. I also find it commendable whenever she confronts Spencer about anything and everything – from how he disrespects her family to how he decides to paint their walls with graffiti without asking for her permission.

I don’t know the real Heidi Montag; I’m sure the one I see on The Hills isn’t totally her, especially when I see all these supposed paparazzi pictures of her and Spencer doing the most random of things and being everywhere, from picking pumpkins for Halloween to having a picnic at the park to celebrate Heidi’s birthday. After all the appearances, “paparazzi” photos and ability to still be around, it’s really amazing how the two handle their “career.”

Heidi, as some people know, is also a singer and I am such a huge fan. I think she has talent in picking songs that fit her. Sure, the video for her single Higher, which was directed and shot by the very amateur boyfriend, sucked, but the other video – the one for Overdosin – was actually fun and funny. And who knows, maybe they actually wanted it to be laughable.

The songs are pure pop genius, from the sexy and danceable Body Language to the cute, teenyboppery Higher. My all-time favorite Heidi Montag song would have to be Fashion, a track reportedly written/produced by RedOne and Lady Gaga. The first time I heard it my ears had an eargasm. It is so gay and iconic and catchy it is a hit and I don’t need anyone to confirm this.

Recently, it was reported that Lady Gaga has a version of the song that is included in the OST of Confessions of a Shopaholic. A part of the song has been leaked via YouTube and just like any other track from Gaga, it’s pure pop genius! At the comments section, there is the verdict: Lady Gaga’s version is so much better than Heidi’s.

I have to disagree though. I’m sure the leak is just a rough version and I’m sure the parts we haven’t heard are crazier than what we’ve heard so far, but there’s just something about Heidi’s version that makes me conclude that it’s the better version. Of course, it can be just because I’m a bigger fan of Heidi than Gaga.

What makes Heidi’s version better, I think, is how her voice sounds so exaggerated and slutty and shallow and bimbo-ish that it perfectly fits the songs. The song, after all has status-worthy lines such as “I am, I’m too fabulous” and “I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts.” Even the rap part where fashion brands are enumerated sounds better when Heidi’s doing it. Basta.

I’m excited to hear the full version from Gaga. I’m sure it’ll turn out awesome.

But not as awesome as Heidi’s. Team Heidi forever!!!