I caught the American Idol premiere on QTV yesterday and while it wasn’t as ka-boom as I wanted it to be, it was a good-enough watch. There was the usual variety of wannabes: the talentless hopeful with the sob story, the one with the hilariously unique voice (there was a lot, actually, from the one who sounded like a frog to the one with the incredibly low voice), the so-so voiced trying to distract the judges with their flamboyance, and eagerness personified (pink Cowboy girl).

No one tops bikini girl though. I actually like her. She doesn’t have an amazing voice but she could decently carry a tune. She is not gorgeous but she has a great body. Best of all, she has confidence, presence, the balls and that X-factor. I’m sure she won’t win or even make it to the semi-finals but she’s gonna go far in her own part of the universe.

The new judge is adorable too. She makes good observations and her career background makes her credible as well. I’m waiting for a catfight between her and Paula Abdul though because that will surely make good TV.

Can’t wait to watch the next episodes, but I also can’t wait for the next Pinoy Idol, if ever there still will be one. Could you imagine a Pinay bikini girl French-ing Raymond Gutierrez? Now that’s great TV.