He said he was lonely because he didn’t have friends now, that more than ever he’s choosing his friends.

I told him that it’s okay not to have a lot of friends if most of them are just useless anyway. It’s always better to have just a handful of friends – high quality, dependable friends.

I think it was his SOS. I think he was asking me to be his friend.

Not so long ago, I didn’t want him to be my friend. I wanted us to be more than friends. But now, it’s perfectly okay for us to be just friends. Thing is, I don’t even want him as a friend anymore. I just want him out of my life. It’s easier and uncomplicated that way.

But I’m hearing a little voice that’s saying to give him a chance. Give friendship a chance. But friendship brings forth intimacy and I’m afraid intimacy might lead to falling in love. Unconditional love.

So I guess it’s a nope, I don’t want to be friends. Thanks, but no thanks.