Demonique is turning 5 on the 22nd but she celebrated her birthday early last January 18th, which was her brother JB’s birthday.

They had a kiddie party at McDonald’s and as usual, it was a blast. There were balloons and mascots and games and loot bags and spaghetti and chicken and iced tea and sundae and cute parents LOLers.

The party theme was Justice League so JB was Superman, Demonique was Batgirl and their older sister was Wonder Woman, which I thought was unfair. Wonder Woman is THE superheroine and the birthday celebrant should always be THE superheroine. Poor Demonique because the mananahi did a bad job and instead of looking like a bat, she looked like a cow or some sad puppy.

Anyway, there was a truckload of gifts so JB and Demonique went extremely wild. JB had a lot of those expected baby gifts like musical toys and giant cars while Demonique had more variety: clothes, bags, coin banks, tiaras and other princess accessories. I noticed though that she didn’t get dolls.

I think I know why.

I think she actually loves dolls.