Last night, I watched Balik-Bayan, a travel show on QTV featuring celebrities who go back to their province and show everyone the best things about the place, from food destinations to tourist attractions. They usually show places important to the celebs as well, like the family house or an old school. In the episode last night, fashion designer JC Buendia played tourist guide as he showed host Drew Arellano around Bauan, Batangas.

Several scenes had me rolling on the floor (okay, bed) laughing. For example, Drew had this cooking segment where, dressed in a pair of shorts and an apron with a bear design, he played a wrestler whipping up ginataang tulingan. The way he enumerated the ingredients was also funny; he pretended to sashay down the catwalk, mouthing and showing the ingredient at the end of the runway. There were also these scenes where Drew and JC were together and all of a sudden, everything would move in slow-mo while romantic music played in the background. It was just hilarious.

Now I am in love with Drew. I think he’s such a cool, positive, hilarious and witty dude. I’ve seen him in a couple of events but we never really got to be introduced to one another. I swear I’ll feel like a giddy gradeschooler crushing on the janitor when I finally meet Drew.

What can I say, Iya Villania’s such a lucky girl. And since we’re on the topic. Don’t you just love love her Silka commercial? Alagang Silka skin, kutis na takaw-tingin!!! LOLers.