Honeybun believes that when you dream of someone, you wake up having a liking for them. I agree to a certain degree. I mean, if it was someone I totally loathe, no amount of dreaming about the two of us making love would make me like that person. Of course, you can discover that hate-of-your-life is suddenly not-so-bad, but it still depends on who you dream of.

On the other hand, there are those who you already like so when you do dream about them – no matter how senseless or un-romantic or un-sexy – you end up liking them even more.

For example, I once dreamed about actor Dennis Trillo, who I once interviewed. (Actually, it’s “tried to interview” because I just stared at his huge dreamy eyes while looking at his chest hair every 30 seconds or so, while forgetting my questions, of course.) In my dream, we were high-schoolmates out on a field trip. we were on our way home so all our classmates on the bus were already sleepy and tired. Dennis was forcing me to hold his hand so everyone could see that we were already together, to which I said no, because I didn’t want to admit to everyone that we were in a relationship. (Ambitious, noh? LOLers.) He still went for my hand and then put his head on my shoulders. End of dream. Of course, when I woke up (I didn’t actually want to wake up), I liked him even more and made sure I tuned in to Gagambino from then on.

Last night, I watched My Best Friend’s Girl, a predictable rom-com starring the delicious Dane Cook (I swear it would be an honor to be slapped by him) and the boring Kate Hudson (I don’t understand why guys go ga-ga over her). Jason Biggs was also there, but I didn’t really pay attention to him because, well, he’s Mr. American Pie. He’s not that unattractive but I am simply not attracted. Thinking it was a Jason Biggs-Kate Hudson film, I actually vowed to look at the screen only when Dane Cook was there, which I thought would be rare. It ended up to be his film so I ended up glued – and away from my laptop monitor (I was trying to write an article.)

After the eyeball roll-inducing movie (which was saved by the presence of a topless Dane Cook), I dreamed about Jason Biggs. I’m not going into naughty details but it involved his eyebrows, a razor, a towel and my mouth.

When I woke up, I had a realization: Jason Biggs is the love of my life.

Photo from: http://www.mybestfriendsgirlmovie.com/