I recently rekindled my love affair with Starbucks, specifically with their coffee-based drinks, thanks to the planner craze. Quickly realizing how expensive and unhealthy my affair is, I vowed to end it – after filling up my last promo card, that is. To help me, my blood sugar and my wallet, I am hoarding packs and packs of my new favorite snacks: sugar-free treats from Murray. While they’re not a reduced calorie food, the fact that it’s sugar-free makes it superb in my book. Their chocolate sandwich cookies are decent, to think that they don’t have sugar. More Presto or Hi-Ro than Oreo, actually, but they do the trick. Murray also has cream sandwich cookies but I haven’t tasted them yet. My favorite has to be their double fudge cookies. They are a little dry, but are thankfully chocolate-y and sweet enough to satisfy one’s sweet cravings. Best thing is that they’re just a hundred pesos a pack so they’re less expensive than a cup of Starbucks and they last longer.