As I write this piece, there are only a few minutes left before the last day of the year ends. It’s time once again for looking back and pondering but since I have extremely bad memory and too little time, I can’t really recap the past year in pics or even do a monthly update of highs and lows. What I know is that just like with every year that passes by, I grew up and got to learn a little more about myself and that as a whole, it was a pretty good year for me. There weren’t really high highs or low lows; there was no major occurrence that can be considered as a highlight, but there was no major heartbreak or challenge as well. Everything was in moderation, everything was steady. The year actually breezed by, now that I look back. I can’t believe that I took on a new job that has challenged me in so many ways and made me feel welcome and special too. It’s amazing how a bunch of my relatives are back in the country after spending a couple of months abroad, when everyone thought it would take us years before we’d reunite. I am still with Honeybun and it feels like we just met a couple of months ago.

The year 2009 looks promising. I have some exciting decisions to make and I have this feeling that my life will drastically change for the better next year. I am bent on letting go of what is negative and unnecessary, focusing on what I find important and shows potential, and improving myself in all aspects while embracing new things. I also promise to love myself more in 2009. I think I’ve been caught up in some unhealthy relationships that led me to give more than I should, relationships where I didn’t really benefit that much. I guess I’ve had enough of unconditional love, like, friendship, etc. It’s time to get what I deserve. And that’s a lot, I know. I have the tendency to be over-apologetic and feel undeserving and I plan to put an end to that this 2009.

Back in 2007, I knew 2008 was going to be a better year – and it was. Now that it’s 2008, I expect – and know – that 2009 will be as usual a better year, but also bigger. So much bigger.

I can’t wait.