Ever since my first bite of the best turon ever – Caramoan’s thin turon with langka slices, more caramelized brown sugar than ever, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup – I’ve been craving for it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything near it even if it’s pretty easy to do, come to think of it. Last weekend, Honeybun bought some ingredients so we could make our version of Caramoan’s yummy turon.

However, after our mali-mali (more on that in a separate post) maid, Belle, fried several pieces of turon, Honeybun and I were so hungry that we didn’t even wait for Belle to buy a tub of ice cream anymore. Thankfully, we had some Nutella to make our turon a little special.

A day after, Honeybun has a sore throat and I am a couple of pounds heavier. Never again.