I got a little more time on my hands the past week so Honeybun and I decided to watch some movies. No Metro Manila Film Festival entries though – we’re saving those for the next few days with Alma Aranaz.

Armed with bars and bars of chocolate, we watched the following flicks, all of them I enjoyed:

I Am Legend

The plot was interesting enough but the effects were so computerized that most parts looked fake. No computer help with Will’s body though – it looked awesome and real I ended up reaching out for it.


Hayden Christensen looks so palatable (despite the squeaky voice). Enough said.


James McAvoy was yummers but he wasn’t the only one who looked great. I loved the two little girls who looked like contestants for America’s Next Top Model.

Sweeney Todd

Watching it again – especially the no-one-‘s-gonna-harm-you part – was goosebumps-inducing. Will watch it again with cousin Demon-ique. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the parts where blood’s splattering all over.

Bring It On 3

This movie is predictable and has bad acting, bad actors and a bad story. In short, it is very entertaining! Pinoy pa ata the supposed hunk.


I was prepared to love the movie for the simple fact that Jude’s in it. Incidentally, I also loved the story, the twists and the dialogues as well. For example, Michael Caine’s character said, “The shortest way to a man’s heart, I’m sure you know, is humiliation. It binds you together.” I can’t wait to humiliate one of my bromantic partners then.

Can’t wait to go home. I’ve got more movies to watch. More chocolate bars too.