I have this thing when it comes to extremely popular movies and books – I do not like them during their time of popularity. For example, I never bought a copy of any of the harry Potter books. I was given some copies but I just automatically threw them at my sister’s direction. I also didn’t watch the Lord of the Rings movies. Actually, I did – very belatedly, that is. I watched the first one when the second one was on, the second one when the third one was on, and then the third one a year after.

I think it’s premeditated. I don’t wanna rush in line or brave the crowds or be as cool as everyone else. In short, I am lazy and no pressure to be cool is strong enough to convince me to move. Then again, maybe they just happen to not interest me enough. If it was a Jude Law movie, I’m sure I’d show up first in line at all the premieres, buy all the useless souvenir items, and blog about it like crazy.

Recently, every teener has been going gaga over Stephanie Meyer’s book series, Twilight. As usual, it didn’t interest me even if it’s about love and vampires, two things I like. One day though, something came over me and I was convinced by my officemates Tosca and Donna to read the book.

It took me a week to finish the whole thing. I could have done it so much faster, but it was just too dragging for me. I was already halfway through and I felt as if nothing was still happening. It came to a point when it bored me that I’d put it down every chapter to do other things. I eventually finished it, yay for short attention spanned me.

I wasn’t impressed at all so when I returned the copy to Tosca, I wasn’t too excited to borrow the second book. She lent it to me anyway. Update: it’s still sitting all dusty on my shelf (for a month now) and I promise to wipe it clean before I return it to Tosca.

Last week, I watched the movie together with Honeybun, Donna and Tosca, thanks to the lovely Jad of MTV who gave us tickets. The premiere at Greenbelt was a blast. There was great grub from Fish & Co., jellybeans being given away and lots of eyecandy (most were over 18 yay). The best thing about the event was seeing everyone. I saw Pam after forever, and met her friend, Jill. I saw people from the magazine industry too: Stef (with her cute date), Adrian (and his cute date), Rome (with his wife) and Apryl.

As for the movie, it seemed like a TV movie to me – one with over-OA make-up, so-so effects and a tired, expected plot (and ending). And oh, I fell asleep during the supposedly best part – the one where they sparkle and stuff. The highlight? That time when my seatmate loudly revealed the ending, which I totally forgot about (so yeah he spoiled it for me), which didn’t really matter.

By now it’s safe to assume I am no Twilight fan.