I know someone named Reden, who is Egboi to people close to him. At school though, he is known as Paris. As in Paris Hilton, his idol.

Egboi is gay, duh. Even when he was young, everyone saw the signs already: how he’d wear his older sister’s stockings and tiptoe around the house with a matching star wand; how he’d dance to Spice Girls songs at street parties in a very Sex Bomb-ish manner; how he’d stare at the tricycle drivers and carpenters.

Now at 18, he has already lost all his baby fat and sports long, supposedly blond hair. He wears baby tees and skinny jeans. He poses provocatively for his friends and proudly posts those pictures in Friendster. Oh, he plays spin the bottle with his classmates too, and demands for a re-spin when it points to a girl.

I recently had coffee with Reden. Scratch that, make it Egboi. Okay, scratch that again, make it Paris, as his coffee plastic cup proves. I asked for an update and he told me all about his latest heartbreak, his new crush and his BFF – a gay guy who looks like Chokoleyt (I need to google for the correct spelling). He also mentioned how he plans to welcome the new year with a new him/her. First, he plans to change his hairstyle, no more bleach for him, he said. Second, he plans to change his name, something that starts with the letter F, perhaps. So goodbye Paris, hello Faris? We suggested Fiona Fatale (after my doll) and Furonda (after the infamous and regal America’s Next Top Model contestant).

I’ll see the new Reden/Egboi/Paris a month from now and I am excited.