My bromantic partner, to be exact. Honeybun is sad for me, of course, but for the most part she is happy because now she can have all my time and money. I might have already brought my bromantic partner a watch, but I didn’t get to give it to him so now I have to use it even if it’s too butch for me. Then again, I can save it for my next bromantic partner or as Honeybun suggested, just sell it and give the money to her.

A couple of days after the break-up, I saw two potential replacements: a geeky neighbor who likes tea and is not afraid to wear pink even if wearing pink is so 5 years or so ago, and the ugly duckling gradeschool-mate who has a thing for rubber shoes and tapsilog. We made small stares but nothing really more exciting after that. I didn’t feel like socializing because I was still thinking of the ex.

I’m giving myself two weeks. To still send out pathetic text and instant messages to him, to invite him out for a burger, to ask about his latest conquest.

And then I am moving on.

I can’t wait for I Love You, Man.