After forever, Honeybun and I were able to meet up with Alma Aranaz awhile ago and we ended up catching up in between bites of puto, pansit and dinuguan and other merienda from Barrio Fiesta’s merienda-all-you-can promo, and then in between sips of yucky chai tea latte from Starbucks (nothing beats the chai tea latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, if you ask me).

It was, as usual, entertaining to listen to Alma’s stories about his foreigner dates and his recent viewing habits. He recently watched One More Chance for the nth time, for example – complete with snapshots from his digital camera. I don’t know why the hell he took photos. He had a lot of news – from his new work helping out with the family business to random chismis about people we know – and I realized just how busy he has been lately. Good for him, since I know him to be a huge ball of energy who’s always looking for new experiences and people to enrich his life with.

After parting ways with Alma, Honeybun and I met up with my sister and we killed time by sipping green tea frap and trying to finish this very sweet strawberry-flavored pastry from Starbucks. Exhausted and excited to watch The Hills (again), Honeybun and I went home. The moment we got home, I received a text message from Antonio, my favorite stranger, who wanted to hang out. Of course, I met up with him since it’s been a while since we last went out. We ended up over at another Starbucks branch and just got to know one another more (I still consider him a stranger, after all), over some seriously sugared drinks. High on sugar and great company, Antonio and I called it a night and went home.

And now here I am, typing away and trying to finish a couple of articles while watching Lauren and the rest of the gang. I am so energized with all the sugar I had today. I think I can finish another season of The Hills, write a couple of more articles, read a magazine and even clean the already clean room, thanks to sugar. Thing is, I have work later so I need to wake up early. Good thing it’s DST already so my day now starts at 6AM instead or 5AM.

I just got assigned a couple of more articles to write (flying kisses to the heavens for these never-ending rackets) and I even have a bigger gig on the horizon that’s got me all thrilled. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. And oh, I just realized, it involves a reunion. More sweet reunions for me coming up soon.