Honeybun and I bought Danielle and Demon-ique headbands awhile ago. The hair accessories look super cute with furry animal-print fabric covering and really adorable ears, and we were both certain the girls would love them. When we pulled the headbands out of the plastic bag, however, the girls gave us a confused look that was tinged – no, overflowing – with disappointment, which disappointed Honeybun and me as well.

It didn’t take me more than a second to realize that what they were expecting were pretty much the same headbands that their grandmother gave them: pretty, colorful, girly, ribbon-y headbands that ordinary girls like.

We kind of expected it from Danielle, but for Demon-ique to reject the funny, loony headband was a real letdown for us. Omg, she has become, gasp, ordinary!

After some Maala-ala Mo Kaya lines about us wanting to give away the headbands to some other girls who’d want them, about us having gotten the actual headbands that they like (but are still hidden somewhere since we can’t just give them anything they want whenever they want), about us not wanting to give them anything ever again LOLers, a little change took place.

Demon-ique instantly put her headband on, beaming how cute it is. Danielle on the other hand remained unaffected. Slouched on the sofa, she stared blankly into space, one hand waving the unloved headband. She waved it faster and faster, faster and faster as if she wanted to throw it at my face any second.

When Danielle saw how proud her sister was with her leopard ears, she was jolted from her trance and announced she was ready to put on her cheetah ears. And so she went inside her room.

Honeybun and I waited for five seconds.

She didn’t come out.

We left and enjoyed our frap, cheese Combos and Baby Ruth bars.