My cousin Tweet (who is more Patty or Patricia to most now more than ever) turned 18 last Friday and we celebrated her coming of age last Saturday over at Café Año with people close to her, great grub, balloons, video presentations and the expected shedding of tears, of course!

Food was in abundance and I’m sure they all tasted great but since I just went back to dieting, I chose not to pig out. The jellybeans, gummi bears and skittles were just too tempting so I popped some in my mouth. The cupcakes also looked amazing that I just had to bring some home to check if they tasted as good as they looked. Oh, and they do, by the way.

In my own world, other events were also taking place: cousin Ikoy was monkey-ing around, eventually finding out he’d probably lose his tooth soon; cousin Trina accidentally dropping a bracelet into the toilet bowl and flushing it into I-don’t-know-where-with-I-don’t-really-wanna-think-about-it; and me getting to know someone through text.

But back to the actual event, it was lots of fun just like any other celebration. Everyone was smiling, clapping, laughing, stuffing themselves silly. I myself was happy – I was looking forward to enjoying Walang Tulugan with Master Showman while sinking my teeth into yummy cupcakes, and popping in more jellybeans.