I love going to the grocery to look for exciting new products I’ve never heard of and I’ve never experienced, such as kimchi-flavored instant noodles, wafer cones with bubbled/aerated chocolate as “ice cream,” and green tea-flavored soya milk.

I also like going to the supermarket for a quick trip down memory lane. After all, certain products from my childhood are still being manufactured, thankfully. Just some of them are Cloud 9 choco-nougat bars, Chippy and Clover Chips, which never really disappeared. There are also those that I thought were wiped away from the face of the earth so imagine my surprise and delight when I encountered them once again on the grocery shelves. Remember Haw Haw? How about Squid Rings?

Recently, I came across a pack of those sweet and chewy nougat bars from my childhood called erm Nougat. I quickly snatched a pack and once I got home, devoured a handful. It was grade school, first crush, lazy Sunday afternoons and G.I. Joe action toy figures at first chew. I was on the verge of finishing the whole pack when I stopped myself so I could bring some to the office and bring them back to their own childhood years. The next day, however, they never went past my desk. Craving for some flashbacks and some sugar, I selfishly enjoyed them all by myself.