I got drunk. Well, semi-drunk. Tipsy and red, at least. I don’t really drink so downing 5 test tubes of Jagermeister was such a feat for me! I swear I kept on giggling like a horny highschooler lusting after the sexy English teacher. It was fun. I should drink more. With the right people, of course. I don’t want to strip all my clothes in front of a client or suddenly start fessing up to a bromantic partner!

I stuffed myself silly. Apart from all the laing and Bicol express and the best turon in the world, I also gorged on (gasp) rice with sinigang, tocino, tapa and longganisa, makis and sushi, gourmet sweets, bowls and bowls of banana split (I think I had 4), buffalo wings, quesadillas, chicken lollipops, tacos, Szechuan chicken and cookies and ice cream. Burp!

I chitchatted as if it was the end of the world. About reality TV shows with Ginggay and Celine. About relationships and career with Becca. About traveling with David. About the best and worst chai teas with Shauna. About sweets, weddings and ate Shawi with Marichelle. About complicated relationships with Mitch. About everything with everyone!

This one didn’t really rock, but it was such an experience. Well, we trekked somewhere and going back, there was a knee-length swamp that greeted us and there was no other way back. It was seriously yucky – as in it was murky and there were twigs and bubbles and floating dead leaves and maybe even chaka doll down there. It was so cool to have everyone from respected publications to go through it!

And oh, I almost forgot. Beautiful people. Beautiful people always rock.