I adore my couthin Trina. One time, she let me watch this cool and crazy bit from Barbie Twelve Dancing Princesses when she was playing Play Station and I just died, resurrected and died again and again of laughter.

Trina, Trina and her future self (nope, not the girl in the middle or Anya - that's my future daughter - it's miss half-face)

One time, Honeybun and I were upstairs with my lovely lola, resting and okay, waiting for Showbiz Central when couthin Trin barged into the room and tried to convince us to go downstairs to play with her. Since we were exhausted, we made up all these excuses to stall her.

“There’th tuna flaketh,” she said. We’re full, we replied.

“We can watch DVDth,” she tried. “We have Thpiderman.” But we’ve already seen that, we reasoned.

She was about to give up when I saw an invisible lightbulb above her.

“I’ve got the Twelve Danthing Printhetheth!”

Oh well, there’s always Showbiz Central the next week.