Fiona Fatale!

Honeybun doesn’t wanna give me a kid yet so I guess I just have to settle for a doll right now to satisfy my desire to play parent/god.

Isn’t Fiona Fatale amazing with her black/purple/white clothes, body art and piercings? She definitely isn’t your ordinary Barbie or even Bratz doll. (Barbie’s too pretty for me while Bratz dolls all look like Angelina Jolie to me and I’m team Aniston!).

Fiona’s from a cutting edge doll line called Bleeding Edge Goths composed of way cool, unique and personality-filled toy figures. Apart from dyed hair, piercings and head-turning make-up and tattoos, they also have impressive style and really fabulous names. Fiona Fatale sounds awesome, but there are even better-named ones such as Ivanna Scream, Devastatia (which I also own!), Serpentina Maria Sangria (which sounds a little too drag queen beauty pageant-y for me), Angelina Blasphemina and Malice Looming.

I think I know what to give weirdo cousin Demo-niqui this Halloween – and Christmas! I’m sure she’ll have a blast.

Talking about having a blast, Jack Skellington too is having a major blast with his newfound mate.

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