While looking at creepy Halloween toys and dolls with funny blurbs on their boxes, a bunch of colorful items at the toy store caught my attention. Upon closer inspection, I was surprised to find out they were Lisa Frank items. Wow, they’re still alive, I thought, and instantly remembered why Lisa Frank will always make me feel a little stab in the heart.

When I was in fifth grade, I didn’t really have a group of friends that I hung out with all the time. I was friendly so I was okay with everyone. One day I’d have recess with a particular girl, the next day I’d have lunch with a bunch of nerds. One time I’d chat with some loner, next time I’d kill time with my busmates.

One of the groups I was friends with was composed of 3 girls. One of them – let’s call her BM – went to the US for a vacation and when she returned, she brought some pasalubong. As expected, she didn’t have goodies for everyone.

During recess, when everyone was at the canteen buying those P2.50 pizza slices, BM suddenly started handing out goodies – premium Lisa Frank items! – first to one of the girls from our group. After a couple of seconds, BM handed one to the other girl. And then that was it. I waited for my turn – and it never came.

Naturally, that was the end of our friendship. I never looked at a Lisa Frank item the same way again.