I love Halloween to bits and there is a long list of reasons why: free candy, horror movie marathons, mandatory dressing up, and spooky TV specials. Another thing I love about Halloween is the abundance of unusual toys that get to appear on shelves only during the month of October.

I visited a toy store recently and fell in love with all the bloody, scary, morbid toys on display. From costumes to decors, from Halloween musts to action toy figures, they were all there, begging for me to buy them with my hard-earned moolah.

I actually bought a couple of dolls earlier and I didn’t want to give in to temptation again (a lot of items were on sale!) so I tried to be content just looking at all the goodies as if I was at some museum I really dug.

There were little alien figures, booger people, witch table-toppers, plastic axes and devil forks, skull lamps, skeleton door decors, neon wigs and eyeglasses with fake, huge noses.

I salivated after them but I managed to leave the toy store without a shopping bag.

I am getting a paycheck pretty soon and I think I want to go back and give in to temptation.