I have this parallel universe where I am friends with Ally McBeal and Lauren “LC” Conrad and the Olsen twins and we go have fun sipping chai tea lattes in New York or go shopping in Divisoria. In this world, I dance Beyonce moves with an elephant and I am a part of The Real World.

Yesterday, someone broke in my world and now my whole world is a mess. Ally just died of anorexia and now the twins are suffering from ulcer.

There are times when I feel as if this secret world is all I have and so I guard it with my life. From time to time, I invite a special few to enter it, but they usually manage to leave before long, even if I want them to stay a little longer. And then there are those who want to be part of it – not because they really want to, but just because they’re curious or jealous or plain bored or desperate – and when they do get to enter, they always manage to taint the place. I don’t really want them to have access but they discover some secret door or window and all of a sudden I find them trading diet tips with Mary Kate and Ashley.

It’s always sad when a planet dies (right, Lion-O?), but the good thing is that there are other planets where I can live.

So now I’m planet-searching with LC. Preferably with no Jason Wahler.