Last Sunday – despite still feeling a bit woozy and despite a little dot of pain still swimming in my tummy-wummy – I went to Enchanted Kingdom together with Honeybun, my sister Anika and my cousin Tweet.

I was really looking forward to the trip because I love theme parks and amusement centers. There’s just something so poetic about them. How families and couples dominate the place. How color is splashed everywhere. How you hear laughter and giggles and gasps and chitchat all the time. How a little bit scary the mascots are. How everything lights up once night time comes.

And so there’s no doubt I enjoyed our day over at EK, even if it was humid during the afternoon, the whole place was packed, and I recently went to Hong Kong Disneyland – which could instantly make any local theme park look so-so.

There was an anime event happening that day so it was a joy to see all these teenagers in eye-catching costumes. Unfortunately, I don’t know my anime and manga so I didn’t really recognize much of the characters parading around. There were those though that I did recognize: Spiderman, Jack Sparrow and Voltes V. Mr. Voltes V looked so cool with his boxy costume but I pity the guy because it looked as if he couldn't (and most probably didn’t get to) sit down the whole day.

While I like theme parks and amusements centers, I passionately loathe rides, especially the puke-inducing ones like roller coasters and spinning teacups or whatever. I couldn’t even stomach the Ferris wheel and those bobbing planes or butterflies or whatnot. The only rides I enjoy are the carousel and the bump cars. And so during my recent visit to EK, I had my eyes on only one ride – the carousel. I super love love the carousel the way Mariah loved the roller coaster in her Fantasy music video. I would have ridden it again but I didn’t wanna puke out what I had for lunch.