As much as I wanted to dress up as someone or something yesterday for Halloween, I simply couldn’t. Not only did I have work, I was so sleepy as well and instead of going out, I just opted to read the stack of magazines I recently bought. Besides, I didn’t really know what costume I wanted for myself.

At home, cousins Danielle and Demon-ique were supposed to dress up as Copacobana Girl and as a kick-ass Blasian. Sounds cool yeah, but the real story is that their mom was just recycling their United Nations costumes. LOLers. Anyway, the girls chose to skip trick or treat for High School Musical 3. On the other hand, their little brother, JB (also known as Baby Bom Bom), was gifted a cute penguin costumer. Now you know who the favorite kid is.

I passed by the mall on my way home and expectedly, costumed kids littered the mall, from un-princessy princesses to lampayatot superheroes. One kid instantly caught my fancy that I had to take his photo. Meet Mr. Cock (Roach). LOLers.

Even my mom dressed up as someone this year, especially because she had a Halloween party to attend. She sent me pictures and the get together looked fun. There were lots of food, cool décor and people in costume. My mom came as a nun. I told her it was okay, but she could have sexed it up a bit although I’m not sure how religious people would have reacted.

Anyway, Halloween is not complete with Speidi. Happy Speidi Halloween!

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