I am such a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model. As in I’ve seen all the cycles so far and I’m watching the current one online, but I’m not the geeky one though who’d know all the names of the girls from all the cycles – according to how early they got eliminated.

But I’m still crazy over the show – how entertaining Miss Jay and Benny Ninja are, how no one can ever replace Janice Dickinson, how the show is a great source of quotable quotes and how every cycle is always full of drama and conflict and crazies. Since we’re on the subject, I just realized that most of my faves are the loonies such as Jael, Lisa D’Amato, Amis, Jade and Dominique. Apart from having interesting and fun personalities, I believe all these girls also had stunning looks even if they’re not the norm in the industry. I love-loved them so much I always lost a little interest when they got booted out.

Dominique has got to be one of my top 5 favorite contestants (I just realized I also have a thing for the trannylicious ones such as Dominique, Jade, Coryn and Jaslene). Watching her on the show, I was impressed with her walk, passion, determination, willingness to learn and ability to listen to criticism and use it to her advantage. I always thought she was misunderstood and that she’s really promising and a nice person. Thankfully, I’m getting another dose of Dominique with an ANTM spin-off called Modelville, a mini-reality show within The Tyra Show.

Along with Dominique, 4 other girls are given by Tyra a second chance: Renee (the old-looking one), Bianca (the Brandy lookalike who fought with that chubby teen star at the airport), Lauren (the punk with the worst walk) and Fatima (the overrated Iman doppelganger). They’re lumped together in an apartment in NYC, all battling for a $50,000 spokesmodel contract with beauty product company Carol’s Daughter.

As much as I would like Dominique to win, I think it’s a toss between everyone’s favorite, Fatima, and the commercial-looking single mom, Renee. Lauren’s just a mess and Bianca’s too much of a bitch for people to like. Come to think of it, I think Dominique has a 50-50 chance then.

It’s truly exciting and I can’t wait for to finish the whole thing. I can’t wait for even more spin-offs, actually. Why not an America’s Top Model, where all the winners compete, or a World’s Top Model, where we can see Grendel battling it out with IDK Whitney, I guess?


Watch the first episode of Modelville here: