One early morning last week, I decided to passionately gorge on a McDonald’s longganisa value meal AND a 2-piece pancake with sausage meal (both with hot chocolate) because I skipped dinner the night before. After work, I grabbed a green tea frap – venti – and pretended I was Isis in a runway challenge for America’s Next Top Model.

Once I got home, I noticed there was some pain in my stomach. It grew worse by the minute so I tried sleeping it off. But it turned out to be so bad that it even woke me up from slumber a couple of hours after.

Round midnight, the pain was so unbearable I needed to ask my dad to drive me to the hospital for a check-up.

Now it’s been forever since I was last in a hospital for being sick and so the hospital – its clean white walls and mixed scent of antiseptic and fear and death – seemed like a new environment to me. It freaked me out, especially because I stayed for more than an hour for tests, observation and signing all these documents.

After several tummy pokes from the doctor (among other tests), he said it was probably indigestion and that I should come back if I vomited or got a fever.

The next few days I was in great pain. While the doctor had some medicine injected into one of my veins, I wasn’t prescribed anything, especially painkillers, because they wanted to find out if my appendix would cause me pain. They wanted me to feel that pain, those damn doctors, to see if I needed an appendectomy. Thing is, I did still feel some pain in my tummy – and the pain travelled. It would go from one spot to another and the pain would intensify from time to time.

At one point the pain centered on my appendix I seriously thought I had appendicitis, but the sensation spread to my whole tummy, and then disappeared, only to surface in some other part. It was a rollercoaster of pain the next few days that I had to go back to the doctor for some follow-up.

To cut the long, painful story short (I am tired and hungry now), I am well now. My tummy’s back to normal, save for some weird sensations once or twice a day.

And oh, I am forever traumatized by McDonald’s breakfast meals. Never again.

I hate hate hate being sick and I vow to never get sick again.