I have a confession to make: I recently bought a couple of wedding magazines and have been enjoying flipping through them, soaking in all the info from the articles and appreciating all the superb studio shots and pics from actual weddings.

And now it’s time for me to sound like a girl. I admit that the reason why I bought those magazines is because I can’t wait for my own wedding. And after flipping through the pages, I ended up brainstorming and fantasizing about my own wedding, something I’ve done countless times before.

What I was reminded of after all my daydreaming was that I want my wedding to be simple, small, special and meaningful. Passé, I know, but that’s the way I want it to be. No offense to others who have different beliefs (and ideas and budgets and priorities), but all I want for my own wedding is a quick ceremony not inside a church, which means there would be no mass as well. Part 2 would be the reception, where I’m open to more gimmicks, although nothing too drastic and shocking for me this time.

I used to want to have a wedding (not just a reception, but the actual ceremony as well) inside a McDonald’s. Wouldn’t it be cute to have a couple of mascots as guests and the usual Chicken McDo and Burger McDo (or Filet-o-Fish if you have the budget) on your wedding day? I brought the idea to Honeybun and she just laughed at me. Told her I guess I need to marry someone else then. LOLers.

A little more seriously now, all I want for a wedding is one held outdoors such as a park or a backyard. What I’m really more excited about is the reception because I want to have a themed celebration. I’m torn between two.

First one is Japanese, where the food, of course would comprise of makis and tempuras and noodles and green and red teas, plus green tea or sesame ice cream for dessert. I can also see now how beautiful the venue would look like with Japanese lanterns, little light bulbs and Japanese umbrellas scattered all over. I’m also considering chopsticks, bottles of sake and green tea chocolates as souvenirs. I’m also thinking of a dragon mascot dancing for entertainment.

Second theme is Pinoy, which means we’ve got a lot of food choices to choose from – from kare-kare with sweet spicy bagoong to Pinoy-style sweet, red spaghetti, from turon, lumpia and ginataang halo-halo to hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks (on a cabbage head, of course), from pinakbet to lechon baboy (don’t forget the apple!). What I want to be staples though are little booths or carts for sago and gulaman, fishballs, cotton candy and dirty ice cream. How about décor? I’d have streamers and banderitas in pastels! I also want to have a marching band complete with lots of majorettes and pasabog composed of Choc-nut and Haw Haw. Possible giveaways are bottled bagoong or atsara.

OMG, I am so keyed up. And I haven’t even talked about Honeybun’s wedding gown and the others’ dresses, which I would design myself, of course. I’ve actually doodled some already awhile ago.

Sigh, sigh, sigh. F-ing can’t wait.