It was my grandfather’s birthday last Sunday so off to the cemetery we went to celebrate it with him. Early on though we encountered some boo-boos, such as leaving our grandmother (who completely forgot about the trip so she went to do the groceries) and forgetting to buy flowers or some beer. Everyone was also tired and sleep-deprived since Honeybun and I forced everybody to watch Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman a couple of hours earlier (which was the bomb, as usual. OMG, Hideaki Torio, I man crush you).

The cemetery, as usual, was so beautiful, especially because workers were trimming grass, hammering tombstones and digging holes. There wasn’t a lot of people too so we had the whole park to ourselves. This of course prompted me to whip out my camera and go click-crazy!

Just look at my ever-obedient cousins pouting, concaving and fiercing it up for me.

Even JB Baby was making some eye contact. He needs to work on smiling with his eyes though so he can make lola Tyra proud.

For lunch, we went to Serye and had a horrible meal. Don’t let the pics fool you. The kare-kare was so-so and the bagoong wasn’t the sweet and spicy type I love. The pancit was ordinary. The chicken reminded me of the one from North Park (which isn’t really bad). The only dishes I enjoyed were the sinigang na tuna belly, which was very flavorful and had a generous serving of fish meat, and this laing concoction which had some meat, buko strips and whatnot inside the leaves. Worst part of the experience was the air con, which didn’t seem like it was working even if it really was.

And then it was back home for all of us to catch up on some much-needed sleep we didn’t get the night before, thanks to Kuya Germs.