America’s Next Top Models Cycle 11 is just around the corner and the contestants’ pics have finally surfaced. The group pic with Tyra was tacky and LOLers-inducing overall, but a majority of the models looked modelicious. However, their individual pics on the CW site disappointed me. It was as if nobody has potential basing on those snapshots – like no one would win!

After introducing (maybe even intentionally) characters such as a plus-sized wannabe, someone with lupus, someone with psoriasis, a prostitute and someone who was going blind, the show is topping all those girls with – a tranny!!!

Her name is Isis and she even participated in the homeless photo shoot last season. She does look modelicious basing on her very limited pictures, but it’s really too soon to tell if she’ll kick some female asses out of the contest.

Of course, the inclusion of a transgendered person in a contest that always accepted only females is attracting an onslaught of reactions. Why not include cross-dressers next season, why not straight men after that, some have been wondering.

Well, whateverest. As usual, I am so proud of lola Tyra for kicking it up a notch. Next Cycle is sure to be another exciting season. Looks like the show will never end, huh?

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