I am doing a magazine story on the super-fabulous department store called Adora in Greenbelt 5 and so I got to interview a couple of people and got a tour of the place yesterday. The place is attractive! It has limestone tiles, mirror chandeliers, velvet drapes and the coolest prints splashed on mirrors, couches and curtains. I love how the place looks like a maze that I literally got lost looking for the people I was meeting up with. Of course, the items are gorgeous, bringing out the material boy in me. From light, luxe luggage to shoes that Carrie knows by heart, from swimwear on sale to branded dressy clothes, Adora has a lot of great choices that aren’t found just anywhere.

After getting lost inside Adora, I went to designer Puey Quinones’ place in P. Burgos where I had to wait for a while since I arrived a little earlier than expected. I ended up trying to finish a yucky mango float while looking at Star Cinematic interracial couples. Oh, and watching this weirdo screaming at invisible beings and eating 3 ice cream cones in a span of an hour.

Over at Puey’s, the interview went very, very well. It was like interviewing a long-lost friend. I also got to meet some of his friends, eat tasty snacks from Samar (these yummy PiƱato sweet clusters and tasty banana cookies) and even get the lowdown on his love life!

No sleep. Lots of action. No rest. Lots of fulfillment.