MR. A-Z, MR. S-E-X

I know it’s been around for a while now, but I recently just saw Jason Mraz’s video for I’m Yours. The song sounds simple and hypnotic in a Hawaiian kind of way, like I can hear it while I’m tied to a pole and the volcano’s mouth is just a few feet away. The video on the other hand is, well, let’s just say that I enjoyed it because there was a couple of seconds where Jason is topless and he is sooo sexy.

I consider him as one of the sexiest men I wanna buy and I was reminded of this when I saw this picture of him wearing only briefs by his hotel room’s door (he supposedly answered the door wearing only that, juice ko). He’s a vegetarian so he’s pretty fit. And he’s witty and humorous and intelligent and expressive so those make him sexy as well.

A special reason why Jason is on my I-wanna-buy and sexiest lists is because a colleague interviewed him one time and she asked him how he was doing in LA (I think), where he was touring in then. He said that he was okay and that he was trying to have as much sex as he could. Or something like that. Juice ko. I died when I heard that story and I wanted to kill my colleague. What I would have done to be on the other end of that line when he said that killer line.

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