Been a couple of years ever since I last saw Geoff and I won’t deny it felt good when he remembered me awhile ago. Feeling! LOLers.

Man, he looks fit! He lost some weight and is mighty proud of it. Well, he oughta be coz he really looks good.

I remember seeing him on MYX a long time ago. He was impersonating Zoolander, I think. And awhile ago, he was channeling some serious version of a Zoolander. What do you know, he’s undeniably skilled at posing. It was apparent with the way he was doing various poses, even without the guidance and suggestions of the stylist or anybody else in the room. He surely knows his better angles (although Geoff at any angle looks good) and has mastered the art of making love with the camera. I saw the pics and there are several great ones to choose from.

Ano ba yan, I sound like a fan!!!

I am so tempted to spill some more interesting bits but no na.