My lovely lola turned 82 last Sunday and as usual, we celebrated with lotsa guests and lotsa food.

Thanks to Walang Tulugan with Master Showman, Honeybun and I ended up being an hour late for the party. Good thing there was still lots of food by the time we arrived. Nanay made her scrumptious potato salad, leche flan, garlic pansit and crispy fried chicken while relatives brought sapin-sapin, pork barbecue, pansit Malabon, lumpiang ubod, cakes and more.

The food was so tempting and overflowing I ended up stuffing my self silly. I was bloated after a couple of minutes – and I didn’t mind. I threw my diet out the window and just enjoyed gorging myself as if it was like the end of the world the next day. Oh well, now I need to go back to dieting, self-control and semi-anorexia LOLers. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Happy birthday, nanay!!! I love you to bits.