What were they thinking including Dingdong Dantes in their World’s Sexiest Men list?

I totally disagree! First of all, there are so many other Pinoys more deserving of being included, from Raymond Bagatsing (because of his killer hairy bod, intelligence and I’ll-slap-you vibe) to Dennis Trillo (because he looks innocent but can impregnate a beauty queen). Second, something about his name bothers me. Sure, it’s dingalong-y but it sounds like the doorbell as well.

Third, didn’t they see his nipples awhile back? Fourth – and maybe this is just me – but he really, really reminds me of a grasshopper. Or at least Masked Rider Black, in costume.

Photos from: http://manilagayguy.com, http://raymondbagatsing.com, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Black