Last Friday, I attended the launch of the new cable channel AXN Beyond at Embassy to show my support for Joyce. Apart from the fact that it’s been ages since I last went out, bumping heads with people I haven’t seen for the longest time was also great.

Going there with Apple of El Nido was a great idea since it gave us time to discuss their awesome promos. Tagging along Alma Aranaz proved to be a great idea as well. What can I say, the more the merrier. It was raining platypi and traffic was the worst but it was a pleasant experience for us, thanks to endless conversations about comfort food, the best restaurants and where-are-they-now-drinks.

Next thing we knew we were at the venue.

I was excited to go out again since I knew I’d bump heads with everyone, such as Tim and people from AXN and PR Asia. Sensing that Apple and Alma were enjoying each other’s company, I left them to focus on their finger food and chitchat while I went around to say hey to everyone.

I was reunited with James and Phil after forever. It was great to see them dressed up as the Supernatural brothers, plus geezer Darren who came in as Saheed from Lost. I swear he looked the part I couldn’t help but giggle every time I glanced at him.

I also saw Gino (although the best we could do was just wave at one another from afar), Rovilson (I told him I didn’t miss him coz I’m always at Kenny Rogers. I also told him he should have come as John Locke from Lost!), my editor and fellow Janeph-er Carlo (who gave me the down low on his break-up with his boyfriend), photogs Willy and Niccolo (whose latest One World shoot I dumped and now regret), and Karen in her Pirates of the Caribbean costume (wanted to say hey but was shy as usual).

Of course, I met new people I can add in Facebook: huge guy jack, pale and pretty Gayle and a couple of other great people from the print industry.

Now you have to excuse me as I add my new contacts on Facebook and Multiply.