1. Got some checks. They’re not exactly a stack but the total amount’s huge enough for some wants. However, my mature, responsible and adult self won over the carefree, immature and kiddie one – so the money’s in the bank, and the ATM card is hidden somewhere so I won’t be tempted to just withdraw some money whenever I’m at the mall and I feel like I want to splurge on Details, Real Simple and Nylon, or pig out on tori chizu maki and tofu teppanyaki from Tempura.

2. Got some extra-money good news. And so I celebrated by spending hard-earned money. Stuffed someone silly.

3. Negotiated with some people and I think I made awesome points and a good impression.

4. Was doing my usual highschool flirt-chat session with someone and ended up negotiating on possibly the best birthday gift ever.

5. “Celebrated” 7 years with Honeybun and spent the special day by doing nothing. We just had beef barbecue and shake shake fries from McDuh and then went to sleep.

6. Ran out of DVDs to watch so I looked for something I’ve already seen before and I ended up with Edward Scissorhands. It was Honeybun’s first time to watch it and she didn’t want to admit it, but it was pretty obvious how emotionally affected she was. What can I say, I love love Tim Burton. The movie’s such a classic. You can watch it again and again and again and while you won’t feel as if it’s a “period” movie (except when you see Winona’s cheerleader outfit), every time you watch it is special because there’s a new side to it that you discover. Well, at least in my case.

6. Watched Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. Need I say more?