I remember a journal entry I made around a decade ago, about my love for people. It’s been forever and it’s amazing how I still feel the same way about others. After all these years, I still fall in like instantly when I see people: exes, regular Joes and Janes, especially strangers. People-watching remains to be a favorite hobby. Meeting others remains to be extremely fulfilling for me.

I recently met some very interesting people so I’m one happy boy.

Last Wednesday, I met actor Marvin Agustin for the third time. We’ve been introduced to each other a couple of times before but it was the first time I really got to sit down, talk – and even eat – with him, thanks to a magazine assignment.

I was ready to giggle in between questions. He after all is the founder of the Marvin Agustin School of Acting. Interestingly (and expectedly), our conversation ended up being very informative, me liking him in the process, especially when he served me a slice of Japanized pizza.

Last week I also met one of the many foreigner friends of Alma Aranaz. Philip is a 20-year old German and over Italian food we chitchatted about Hong Kong, vegetarianism and getting laid. I instantly felt bromantically attached but eventually realized that I was on the rebound and was just missing my Brody/Spencer. And so it was a very easy sayonara for me.

And then yesterday I met Herman, Alma’s Dutch friend who was a great conversationalist. He had all these tales to share about Holland and his family and their rivers and not-so-typical food; we also talked about enemies and negativity and some history. We spent just a half hour talking, and it was very fulfilling. He’s a very intelligent man and while I am ashamed to admit it, it’s been so long ever since I last had an intelligent conversation with anyone! And so I am grateful for our little conversation.

Meeting all these people turned this spark inside me into a full-blown flame. I suddenly feel like meeting everyone is my goal right now. I realized my world has been so small these past few months and now I am ready to meet everyone again.

And now, after just a few seconds, I am back to my old self and I realize that I don’t really need a lot of people in my life. I just need one. And I have her already so I am all right. Despite the fights, the frustration and the desire for freedom sometimes.