The day after my birthday, I woke up to a text message and a missed call alarm from my aunt, saying that my lola fainted and was rushed to the hospital. Despite still feeling groggy and looking like a total mess, I dashed to the hospital, begging God every second that my grandmother was fine.

When I got there, my aunt, my uncle, my dad and our trusted maid after all these years were all there. My aunt told me that nanay (my grandmother) woke up at 2AM that morning, too excited to cook for my birthday party, skipped breakfast, lost electrolytes and got dehydrated. And so she fainted when she got out of the comfort room, our trusted maid Helen catching her and screaming her lungs out for help.

At the hospital, while nanay was being observed, tita Ann and I chitchatted about things – work, relatives, the future, the past. She reminisced, remembering the simple life in Sta. Ana. I told her how much I missed our old house where most of us grew up in. the good old days, the simple life, when everyone was happy and everything was fine. What I’d give to go back and live every second passionately, or view every frame of that era with full attention.

After 6 hours of rest, tests and observation, nanay was discharged. The doctor prescribed her some medicine, saying that everything else about her (blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.) was okay.

I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God over and over and over again.

At some point, I seriously thought we were going to eventually lose her, that something was wrong with her, that she was tired already. And I am extremely grateful it was nothing worse than what she was experiencing. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’m sure my life would stop for a while and I’d play Mariah Carey’s Bye Bye again and again and again while bawling my eyes out. But then it’s not yet the time for that. Thankfully. I still have more time to spend quality time with my grandmother and make sure we make more great memories together. And because of this I am very grateful to God.