When I was 5 or so with my coconut husk-shaped hair, my favorite show was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I watched it every time and even pestered my mom to buy me the action figures. I thought it was the greatest show ever – until I saw She-Ra Princess of Power, that is.

(I grant you permission to LOL now.)

She-Ra has got to be my most favorite superheroine. One of the reasons why I love her is because she fights with so much grace and class as if she’s competing in a beauty pageant. Of course, she looks like a beauty queen too with her hourglass figure, weird headpiece and Botox-ed face.

I recently got to watch an episode of the show and it brought so many memories from my childhood – blue Kool-Aid drinks, hoola hoops and tag, early Saturday mornings spent watching TV and doodling.

Now I wanna watch as many episodes available online.

I think She-Ra should be reintroduced to the younger generation simply because she’s gorgeous. LOLers. There should even be a movie.

I want Lindsay Lohan to play the Princess of Power. I initially entertained Mischa Barton, but I realized she looks lame, like even Kowl can kick her ass.

I also considered Megan Fox to play She-Ra but since she’s not blond, scrapped the idea. Besides, her strong features and innate kick ass-ness makes her perfect for Catra, I eventually realized. Megan Fox is the perfect Catra!

I haven’t really thought about the other characters, but I think Channing Tatum can do a great he-Man (I’m just not sure if he can get away with the hairstyle) and Angelika dela Cruz kinda looks like Glimmer.

Sigh. She-Ra, come back, please, with all your gay-ness.