So many babies popping out of vajayjays in my circles lately!

In the last couple of months, 4 couples I know became brand new parents, me even becoming a godfather to 2 of the babies.

Last Sunday, my officemates and I attended the baptism of Kirsten Jayden, the new daughter of our coworker Jay-jay.

As you can see in the pics, Kirsten’s a very charming lady who’ll definitely attract the boys. Get ready to go into ultra-protective father mode, Jay-jay.

Some babies look ambiguous during their first few months. Kirsten on the other hand already has a “face,” with very distinct features. Isn’t that interesting?

Naturally, a lot of kids were present during the baptism, bringing out the parents in us. I was the click-crazy father that day while Donna was the these-are-my-cute-kids-take-our-pic! type.

And so after several snapshots – and yummy food, of course (the chocolate fountain is always divine) – we called it a day and went our separate ways, some of us a couple of days closer to being a parent.