I’ve always considered age as nothing but a number so I was never really the type who’d lie, change topics or ignore people when asked about my age. Recently though, whenever asked for my age, I found myself playing guessing games with people and openly feeling good whenever they thought I was younger than my actually old self.

The thing is that more than having accepted that people do get old and there’s pretty much nothing I or anyone else could do about it, I have realized that with age comes wisdom. For example, I recently came across an attractive young gay guy who after a few meetings I assumed was a little slow (I remember Kathleen of America’s Next Top Model – “I know, right? I didn’t! I ain’t slow!”). I eventually realized that he was neither slow nor stupid – he’s just young. Immature, inexperienced, incapable of certain things. That was a couple of weeks ago when I was 27 and I was surely thankful that I was 27 and not 20.

Last Friday, I turned 28 and I finally found myself a little bothered about the age thing. As in guess-how-old-I-am games sounded more fun more than ever and worse, lying, changing topics or ignoring people seemed very attractive options the next time someone wanted to know how old I am.

In a matter of seconds though, more important matters permeated my thoughts so I totally forgot about worrying about age and being perceived as old, useless and expired.

I don’t know what’s up with me this year – I guess it’s the abundance of blessings the past few months – but I found myself treating the whole office to dinner. It also helps that I like the people at work, of course. It was nothing grand or special, but everyone looked full and fulfilled so that was great to see. I myself didn’t eat. Seeing everyone else stuffing themselves silly filled me.

I also received some gifts from people at work, some of them from people I didn’t expect to go out of their way to get me something. And I am grateful.

When I got home, Honeybun and I feasted on the best croquettes ever from my officemate Nina, plus mini-cakes that Honeybun got me from Cravings.

After some shuteye, I spent some quality time with cousins Danielle (5) and Niqui (4) by watching Edward Scissorhands. I love how they loved it and kept on asking questions, proof that they were so into it. Next up is The Nightmare Before Christmas. And then maybe Hostel. LOLers.

For dinner, I treated the guys at home to some Japanese fastfood. Plates of tempura, all sorts of makis, my favorite tofu teppanyaki, unagi, curry omu rice, refillable iced tea. So Japa-nice!

I ended my birthday by taking some more shuteye before going to work – only to wake up with very sore eyes. As a result, I had no choice but to take a day off from work and instead just enjoy the last few pieces of Nina’s best-ever croquettes plus this delectable Purple Oven chocolate cake from the thoughtful guys at Geiser Maclang.

A big thank-you to everyone who remembered and greeted me via LJ, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, text and e-mail. It feels so good to be older.