I super love love The Hills! (You should hear me say that – I sound like a pa-shoshyal kolehiyala.) I could go on and on and on about the reasons why but I am not going to do that today.

Ever since episode 1, I’ve always been a fan of LC. So when LC and BFF Heidi fought and I needed to take sides, I naturally skipped to the Team LC side.

However, I didn’t really hate Heidi. I actually even became a huger fan when I realized with every episode how such a driven, passionate and focused girl she is.

Another realization of mine is that I love love Heidi, the singer. Sure, her video for “Higher” screams no budget and no concept, but you’ve got to also admit that the song is semi-catchy. The higher-higher-higher bridge is entertaining in a funny way, but the rest of the song is quite okay, if not good. Her voice isn’t even that bad.

And so the other day I found myself downloading some other Heidi songs and ended up with a bunch, all of them a huge delight to listen to. As days passed, I found myself humming along, and then singing along. I have fallen in love with her songs that I have even transferred them to my phone and used some of them as message alert and ring tones.

Apart from “Higher,” my favorites have got to be “Body Language” (a possible club tune that fits Kylie or Britney), “Fashion” (a puwede song for Cathy Dennis where Heidi sings the refrain in French) and “No More” (a sexy synth-irrific song). They’re all great pop tunes – catchy, fun and danceable. And you know what, they’re quite addicting. Methinks she’s more talented than Paris Hilton. And methinks I just found out the “future of pop,” as her BF Spencer would say.

My favorite Heidi Montag “paparazzi” photos from: all over the net