I am extremely addicted to Heidi Montag. She’s my guilty pressure. I enjoy looking at her fake paparazzi pictures. I look for news bits about her and boyfriend Spencer Pratt since every article about them is always interesting. And of course I listen to her addicting pop songs.

Her producer, collaborator, manager and songwriter are pure geniuses. I now believe Spencer when he said that Heidi is “the future of pop.” It’s amazing how all her songs are catchy, how all of them fit her like they were written for her and only for her.

Below are some of her songs (my faves) and why you should have it on loop mode.

“Body Language” – a hypnotic disco dance track Britney Spears would die for. How she repeats words is addicting! the crazysexy bridge is amazing – she sounds like she’s flying and coming at the same time.

“No More” – the phrasing of this song is retarded!!! The piano parts combined with her cyborg-synth vocals is brilliance. Wait for the line “get the best of me, no more misery” in the second stanza. It’s the best part of the song.

“Higher” – a feel-good, positive song that also sounds perky. Too bad the video sucks. Going back to the positive things, the refrain is pure addiction. The bridge is once again crazysexy amazing (she sounds like a drunken bird about to crash – and I mean this as a compliment). And I just love that electric shock sound at the beginning and at the end. I don’t know why but I instantly imagine Heidi being electrocuted by eels whenever I hear that part.

“Fashion” – this one establishes Heidi as a gay icon if it reaches others. Hello, for crying out loud, this is the first couple of lines: I am, I’m too fabulous/ I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts. Basta. You’ve got to listen to it to understand what a masterpiece this song is. Taob si Britney, Kylie and Madonna combined!!!