I love music – everyone does. We just differ when it comes to genre, song or artist.

I especially love music because it has the ability to capture a certain era in your life and instantly transport you back there in just a few notes.

That “too roo too too” part of “I Love Your Smile” by Shanice, for instance, is enough to send me back to my grade school years and make me stare blankly into space while hypnotized by images of Parker Lewis, Trapper Keepers and Lisa Frank gay-ness.

Or the first few lines of Color It Red’s “Paglisan,” for example, are powerful enough to turn me into zombieface while reminiscing about hot March schooldays, Magnolia Mango Juice in tetrapack and the (cute) straight male best friend candidate who died after giving up on drugs.

And then there is Boyzone’s “Coming Home Now,” which always, always conjures images of October days, the rain-wet park, Magnolia Melon Milk and, fuckittyfuckfuck, The One.

There is one particular song I am in love with right now: “What is Happening/Don’t Go Out Tonight” (not sure) by Alphabeat. I haven’t taken the time to actually download and understand the lyrics, but there is just something so sad about it – blame the melody, I guess – that attracted me to it. It’s just so karmic and sad and hopeful and beautiful, of course. It makes me think of a high school geek/wallpaper singing a love song for the school jock/babe who could be The One.

I’ll search for the lyrics later and finally understand what the song is all about, but in the meantime, I’ll play it in my head while thinking of burgers, fedoras and smileys.

And him, of course. Let’s not forget about him.