I didn’t think my celebration with my relatives would still push through after my lola’s health condition, but thankfully, other people helped out with the preparation and the cooking so everything pushed through as planned.

And so once again, it was a great Sunday spent with family. Lots of chitchat, chaos and good food. nanay made me some good old dinuguan and lumpiang hubad with peanut sauce. I brought soda, puto and a Red Velvet cake from Red Ribbon, which everyone tasted for the first time and enjoyed.

Of course, there was a lot of self-loving going on through endless picture-taking.

There was demure cousin Steph who was as usual shy but easily broke out into several poses.

There was take-my-picture cousin Mika, who always wanted me to turn on my digital camera so I could take her pic, and always asked for a couple of more shots every time I just turned my cam off.

And then there’s cousin Ikoy, who showed me a series of superhero/karate poses. The first few ones looked superheroic indeed, but there was this last one that was just… fierce AND ferosh.

After the party with family, Honeybun, my sister and I met up with Alma Aranaz to have dinner at Joey Pepperoni, where we had breadsticks, pasta, chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks. Yummers.

Icing on top of the great day was a stack of awesome magazines I found in Book Sale to buy and arrange neatly in my shelf. Details, DVMan, Real Simple, Blueprint, Nylon, O at Home, Body + Soul, plus a couple of titles I’ve never read or heard of before – I am impatient to devour all of them!!!