After weeks of dryness, it finally rained last Saturday, the day we planned to have an office party. I seriously thought it was going to get cancelled, but it didn’t. I lost all energy and desire to go – thanks to the laziness-inducing weather – but I ended up going, thanks to Jay-jay who fetched me.

We were the eager beavers because we wanted to go home early. Jay-jay needed to attend to his girlfriend and their new baby; I wanted to catch Walang Tulugan with Master Showman wearing my PJs. As it turned out, I decided to stay when it was time for me and Jay-jay to supposedly go home. And I’m glad I did stay till the end.

I forgot about my diet and stuffed myself silly with baked spaghetti, crabsticks, salad and these to-die-for croquettes from Nina. I also made sure I had space for dessert: cake and fondue. There were juicy slabs of meat as well, but they scared me so I skipped them. Let’s not forget alcohol, even if it was just Mudslide for loser me.

Best thing, of course, was the laughter-sprinkled chitchat. From bestiality to Burger King sandwiches, from fabric shortage to the darkness, we talked about a lot of things, most of which we don’t really get to talk about in the office.

With Ziploc-ed bags of leftover food, we all went home with a bigger smile. My smile was the biggest because I knew I would still make it in time for my Saturday/Sunday addiction – with cake and croquettes pa ha.